Are There Many MPLS Carrier Options to Asia?

SASE Secure Access Service Edge

A client recently asked us if there were any options besides AT&T and Verizon to connect their Asian facilities into their Wide Area Network.  The answer is a resounding yes.  So how many options are there?  Looking at the major countries that we are asked about, and how many suitable carriers exist:

India: 5 carriers

China: 9 carriers

Japan: 10 carriers

Thailand: 5 carriers

Australia: 10 carriers

New Zealand: 5 carriers

Indonesia: 4 carriers

Philippines: 4 carriers

The fact is: the biggest name carriers in the USA usually need to partner with a local carrier overseas.  The SD-WAN-Experts can help you sort through all of these issues so your company obtains the right solution for your IT requirements, without paying more than you need to.  Plus, we’ll project manage the whole process for you.

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