BPO to Asia, Data Security and MPLS

SASE Secure Access Service Edge

There is a growing concern about data security combined with the growth of Business Process Outsourcing.  Companies in the U.S, Canada and the EC are ultimately responsible for the security of their data.  The result: the decision to keep their data on servers in their home countries and provide access to that data to the BPO provider.  This requires low-latency high performance data communications that is today, best provided through MPLS networking.

Companies outsourcing to India, however, also have to put in work at their end to ensure data security and privacy.  In making the decision to outsource some of your back office processing to India or other parts of Asia, you must vet potential partners very carefully.sen.  Some offshore outsourcers subcontract other outsourcers to do the work on their behalf, which makes it difficult to know and control who has access to customer information.

Both to meet regulations in their own countries and also to protect data, companies outsourcing to India keep their data in servers outside of Asia.  For example, all customer data resides and is stored in client company’s domestic databases.  The BPO partner only has the ability to view that data, and they do not have the ability to store, share, print or retain data in their computers or systems in Asia.

The flexibility and ease of management of the MPLS network allows companies to provide data security and good response time for their outsource partners.

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