As we noted in our Network World post, a new policy from the Chinese government going into effect for Shanghai Telecom customers on January 10, 2018 will block all HTTP and HTTP/S traffic.  This means your SD-WAN or VPN will likely be disrupted unless you register with your commercial ISP in China.  Each PTT in the country will be implementing this policy, though the deadlines will vary.

“To my knowledge there is no circumventing this new policy.  However, we do offer private network (e.g. private line, MPLS) that is outside the scope of public network that is not affected by this new policy as well as other expected changes.  If there is of interest, then let’s explore this (private network) further,” writes our contact from China Telecom in an email to customers.

Here’s a translation of the text from Chinese government describing the policy:

Electronics Co., Ltd.
Hello, Annex is not opened 80 8080 port fixed IP line list, if your company to use the 443 port, please January 2018 January 10 to complete the relevant filing, so as not to be closed 443 port, thank you.

China Telecom Xiamen FTA division of corporate customers
Tel: 0592-5512875 phone: 18059800252
Mailing Address: Lake Avenue 15, Building 102 telecommunications complex
Business please mail before the 25th of each month, thank you!

And the original Chinese:

您好,附件为未开通80 8080端口的固定IP专线清单,贵司如有使用443端口的,请于2018年1月10日前完成相关备案工作,以免被关闭443端口,谢谢。

You can read our analysis on the above mentioned in our Network World article.  Remember, as long as your company registers, this rule should not affect you.  But not everyone reads their mail or email, so we want our readers to be aware.

For information directly from the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, click here.


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