How long should it take to obtain quotations for MPLS?

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When you need a quotation for an MPLS network or other data connectivity, what should you expect for timing? The answer is…it depends.

MPLS quotations are comprised of a few components:

1. The local loop (typically T1, E1 or DS3)

2. The port size (typically 384K to DS3)

3. Class of Service (not all carrier charge for this)

4. Managed Router (if you want managed services)

For domestic (USA) networks, it is reasonable to expect quotations within a week.  In some cases you will receive them in a couple of days. 

For a network with locations around the world, the timing can be quite variable.  Why is this the case?  Because the cost of the local loop is dictated by the local telecom carrier in each specific country.  So while a loop quote from Canada might take three or four days, a loop quote from China might take six weeks. A loop quote from South Africa could take eight weeks.

You will usually not receive your quotation until ALL the locations have been priced out.  So you shouldn’t interpret the delay in obtaining your quotes to bad customer service.  It might simply be due to the countries that you need to place on your network.

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