Local Loop Diversity – Do You Really Have It?

Local loop diversity…it’s a common story: an enterprise contracts with their carrier for diverse local loops to different POPs to provide diversity and protection against a loop failure from a back-hoe or other cause of failure.  Then your network goes down.  How could that happen?  You designed your network to prevent that.  What could you have done differently?

Using an independent WAN consultant such as SD-WAN-Experts could help you prevent this scenario from occurring.  How?  SD-WAN-Experts has the tools to visually see what fiber providers can service your buildings. By using these tools, we can assure that you have fiber that really does take diverse paths.  As an example, in the map above, the office to service is on Lafayette Street.  Each different color indicates a different fiber provider.  You can see that only one (lime green) services that street.  If we want diversity, we need service from a company whose fiber path is different from the one that presently serves the building.

We want to specify the exact provider and by seeing what paths their fiber takes, we can confirm that once the fiber goes down the block, it will take a corner that will lead to a completely different path.  This is the only way to assure local loop diversity.

Another example of how SD-WAN-Experts’s fiber tools can benefit your enterprise:

An on-line entertainment company needed a back-up DS-3 circuit quickly to provide loop diversity.   The client ordered it with Windstream who was using traditional LEC services at both ends.    One side required a fiber build and their due date got pushed out two additional months.   The client came to us and we identified fiber providers on-net at both ends and worked to build the circuit for them.    The client canceled the order with Windstream, ordered through SD-WAN-Experts and it looks like we are on track to deliver the circuit within 35 days.

Does your carrier provide this kind of service?  Are you depending on promises for local loop diversity?  Talk to the WAN pros and SD-WAN-Experts and learn more about how we can help your enterprise network.

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