Protecting the Network from the Edge to the Cloud

WAN Summit

I will be moderating a panel discussion at the NY WAN Summit on Monday, March 9, 2020, at the Hilton Midtown Hotel in NY.  As you know, security considerations are an important consideration when considering SD-WAN.  Gartner’s coining of the term SASE brings this subject to the forefront, though I have been emphaizing this area to clients for several years.

Panel Title: Protecting the Network from the Edge to the Cloud

As enterprises move away from on-premises data centers, adopt SaaS and IaaS technologies, and diversify their site connectivity through SD-WAN, the methods used to secure the WAN are fundamentally changing. WAN managers must rethink not only network security strategies, but also how to manage network security responsibilities, a new mix of providers, and their internal security colleagues. This panel will explore how network security has changed and what WAN managers need to do now to prepare for the future.  Is SASE the next wave in WAN transformation?

  • How do you secure cloud services? What are the different security responsibilities of the CSP and the enterprise?
  • What are the security challenges that come with a hybrid WAN connected to the internet? Is perimeter-based security still sufficient? Should WAN managers adopt other methods such as managing access by user?
  • How does MDR fit into protecting your network from the edge to the cloud?
  • Is it realistic to manage security and WAN performance via a single interface (“single pane of glass”)?
  • How do you secure IoT and machine-to-machine connections?
  • Should enterprises look more to integrate security into SD-WAN? Get security though a managed service? Go directly to security vendors?
  • What is SASE – Secure Access Service Edge
  • How can you harmonize security responsibility and decision making between network and IT teams?

If a trip to the WAN Summit in NY is not practical for you or your team, contact me directly.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation and I’ll be happy to show you what this might mean to your organization.

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