Questions to ask about MPLS managed services when getting MPLS quotes

SASE Secure Access Service Edge

While managed services make MPLS network operations much easier for most companies, when deciding on what carrier to contract with, there are some questions to ask. Some are common sense and others many people don’t consider:

  • Will you manage routers that our company owns?
  • If renting or leasing routers, how are they configured, staged and shipped?
  • Is the router installed by their personnel, or self-installed?
  • Is there a charge of the on-site installation?  What is the charge?
  • What are the policies on spares, especially for international sites?
  • What are the policies and costs for network configuration changes?
  • Will you have visibility into the exact router configurations?


All the of the above questions are vital when asking for MPLS quotations or MPLS pricing.  To view the prices in a vacuum will give you a false picture of your overall costs.

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