It’s always interesting exchanging insights and lessons learned with other IT professionals. This April we’ll have a great opportunity to do just that when I host a discussion session at the upcoming WAN Summit in New York (April 3-4). A similar session will be run in San Jose as well on June 14-15.

The panel discussion entitled “The Hybrid Transformations – Experiences with Adopting SD-WAN and Integrating Internet into the WAN” (yes, it’s a mouthful) will pick the brains of several IT pros who are knee-deep in the deployment of SD-WANs.

During the session, I hope to lead a conversation around the assessment and implementation of SD-WANs.  Some of the questions we’ll explore include:

  • What’s been the impact of SD-WANs on overall WAN spend?
  • What are the benefits and costs of solutions such as vCPE on an x86 server versus vendor-supplied hardware?
  • Does zero touch provisioning make appliance deployment as easy as vendors claim?
  • What was the cost of deploying an SD-WAN solution? How much do enterprises save in the long term after that initial investment?
  •  How does SD-WAN change the on-site IT skills needed at branch offices?

Joining me will be two folks involved with the deployment of SD-WANs.

  • Sen Chokkan is the senior manager of network engineering at VWR, a global distributor of research laboratory products.
  • Garth Gray is the vice president of infrastructure services at Gate Gourmet, an airline catering firm.

Both have rolled out SD-WANs, but I’ll let them give you the details and share them here and on Twitter in April.  They’ll be joined by an as-of-yet-to-be-decided speaker from GTT, a global network,  internet and voice provider

Together, we’ll all gain deeper insight into this market of ours. Join us.

Click here if you you’d like to register for the WAN Summit in New York.  The Marriott Marquis is the host hotel.

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