Global Network VPLS

There is sometimes confusion about the technology used with international circuits.  I hope that this brief post clarifies the differences.

An IPLC is an International Private Leased Circuit that functions as a point-to-point private line.  IPLCs are usually TDM circuits that use Time Division Multiplexing to utilize the same circuit amongst many customers.  The nature of TDM requires the use of a CSU/DSU and a router.  Usually the router will include the CSU/DSU.  The most commonly used routers are made by Cisco or Adtran.

An IEPL is an International Ethernet Private Line. The IEPL is a true Ethernet circuit from one end to the other.  This means that you can operate the circuit without the need for a router or CSU/DSU by configuring the circuit on the MAC address level.  While the cost of an IEPL may be more expensive that the IPLC, the elimination of the router costs should factor into your decision process.  In addition, the pure Ethernet circuit will provide less jitter and higher performance than the IPLC.

Today, Ethernet has become available in most major areas, therefore, you see more IEPL circuits. Depending on your specific requirements, there are alternative technologies available to satisfy your point-to-point connectivity requirements.

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