Two things to consider when obtaining MPLS quotes and contracts

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We’re presently working with a client that will ultimately have forty locations worldwide connecting via their global MPLS network.  Implementing such a network takes some time, as you can imagine.  But when negotiating your service agreement, many companies do not pay attention to this particular issue.  The MPLS price quotation cannot be viewed in a vacuum, since contract terms sometimes effect the pricing.

MPLS carriers often will have service agreements that have Minimum Monthly Commitments or Minimum Annual Commitments.  Pay close attention to how these numbers are calculated, by considering the time it will take to implement your network.  Then add four months as a fudge factor…really!  Some locations will take far more time than they should and you need to consider this when you draft your contract.  A good price quotation isn’t so good if the contract terms negate the expected cost.  At SD-WAN-Experts, our preference is to negotiate lower minimums, since we think that customers should not have handcuffs.  They should stay with the carrier because they experience good service.

When adding locations to your network that were not accounted for in your initial contract,  be sure that you make all your contracts co-terminus, to make your management process less complicated.

Are you planning a network, receive a quotation and learn more about how we can save your company money and headaches.

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