What we learned after trip to China

SASE Secure Access Service Edge

My client just returned from China. I asked him to test his VoIP soft client to the USA phone system with the VPN over the internet and compare to the Frame Relay network. Would you believe that it worked pretty well using the hotel wireless and VPN over the internet…but it would not work at all using the Frame Relay from his China office. While the ping time on the frame was good for the distance, the packet loss was too high for VoIP. What an eye-opener. We’re going to install an MPLS VPN to replace the Frame Relay. They’ll have a clear picture into exactly how much bandwidth is being used, with the ability to prioritize the types of traffic that need priority. For instance, VoIP will have top priority, followed by access from their Oracle system, with email being the lowest priority. This will dramatically improve their response time of applications that are sensitive to delays caused by packet loss. Will be much easier to manage than the frame.

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