Changing Times Demands Changing WAN

Business has changed in the past ten years. The Cloud. Mobility. A global marketplace for even mid-size companies. To stay competitive, you need a competitive WAN.

Internet bandwidth cost has dropped 90% over the past five years. Can you say the same about your MPLS bandwidth costs?

More companies have more offices spread around the globe or in hard to reach areas. Does your MPLS provider reach all of those locations?

High performance broadband connections can be purchased and activated in minutes. Tired of waiting for your MPLS provider to provision a new line or configure the connection?

Wiretapping, government-sponsored attacks, cyber crime – all are growing. Are you confident that you are protecting data-in-transit?

The pace of business has increased, pushing IT to respond in kind. With more applications and resources available on-line, non-stop availability has become mission critical.