SD-WAN & Connectivity Consulting

SD-WAN-Experts offers a variety of MPLS & SD-WAN Consulting Services:

SD-WAN & MPLS Network Sourcing Management
SD-WAN & MPLS Network Analysis and Design
WAN Request for Quotation Development and Management
SD-WAN & SD-WAN Network Implementation and Project Management
SD-WAN & MPLS Network Architecture and Problem Resolution

SD-WAN & MPLS Network Sourcing Management

If your SD-WAN network requirements are already defined, SD-WAN-Experts will obtain quotations from all the appropriate carriers to allow you to make an informed decision. Because we are vendor- and carrier-neutral, you will be presented with all the relevant options. For global networks, our pricing analysis will include which have the potential to reduce the cost of global networks by 25% versus an AT&T or Verizon solution. These are the options that no carrier will introduce to a client. SD-WAN Experts will obtain pricing from all suitable carriers or vendors providing SD-WAN, MPLS, or VPLS  solutions so your enterprise can make a fully-informed objective decision.

  • SD-WAN and MPLS pricing proposals will be normalized to permit accurate comparison
  • SD-WAN and MPLS prices and carrier SLAs will be provided, along with recommendations based on our experience with the different carriers.
  • Carrier meetings will be scheduled and held with the desired providers.
  • Once a SD-WAN or MPLS carrier decision is made, we will facilitate the contract process and advise language that should be added to protect your interests.
  • We will project manage the implementation process to assure a smooth and stress-free network installation and cut-over.

SD-WAN & MPLS Network Analysis and Design

If you are uncertain of your SD-WAN or MPLS network requirements, engineers from SD-WAN Experts will analyze your network applications, users and traffic requirements to design a network that will meet your precise requirements. Depending on circumstances, this may require monitoring of your network using SNMP with NTOP and MRTG. If full redundancy is required, the design will include secondary network options, which may include 3G/4G or microwave local loops, if suitable.

SD-WAN & MPLS Request for Quotation Development and Management

SD-WAN Experts works with your team to develop network and service requirements through a needs assessment.

  1. From the needs assessment, a ranking scale is created and agreed upon for use in evaluating MPLS and SD-WAN carrier solutions.
  2. An MPLS/SD-WAN RFQ document is created.
  3. We manage a vendor meeting to go over the MPLS/SD-WAN RFQ and answer pertinent questions.
  4. When the RFQ responses are received, SD-WAN-Experts compiles the data from all the respondents to facilitate comparison and ranking.
  5. Meeting with client to discuss the responses and ranking results.
  6. Based on decision made, we facilitate contract negotiation and final contracting.

Click here if you prefer to use SD-WAN & MPLS RFP template.

SD-WAN & MPLS Network Implementation and Project Management

Implementing an MPLS or SD-WAN network can be a complicated and time-consuming task. Most companies have limited resources that make the demands of project management stressful. It is not unusual for a company to forget to disconnect old circuits, or delay turning on new circuits and waste money unnecessarily as a result. The costs can be surprisingly large. SD-WAN-Experts can take over the entire process.

  1. We will manage the installation of all local loops and communicate with the site contacts, as necessary.
  2. Arrangements with cable installers to extend demarks to the desired location will be scheduled and managed.
  3. Router shipment is scheduled
  4. Depending on your contractual arrangements with the MPLS carrier, your router will either be installed by their technician, a third party technician, or your own staff.
  5. Once all testing is completed, the cut-over is scheduled.
  6. Cutover and testing is completed.

SD-WAN & MPLS  Network Architecture and Problem Resolution

Sometimes, a company or carrier has an MPLS, VPLS or Metro Ethernet network that is not performing as it should. If they are unable to resolve the problem themselves, or have limited resources to address the problem promptly, then the use of an outside team of experts is of value.  Perhaps you have a network with a fail-over configuration that you discovered didn’t fail-over as it should.  Or maybe you are experiencing far more latency than you should and the carrier tells you that everything is OK.

SD-WAN-Experts has network architects and engineers that have worked for the largest carriers in the world, including AT&T, Verizon, BT and Orange. Whether your network uses Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel, Nortel or other hardware, we can provide you with the expertise you require, anywhere in the world.