Meet Steve Garson

In 2007, I started SD-WAN-Experts (at that point called MPLS-Experts) to help US companies communicate with their Chinese and Indian manufacturing facilities. Two of my clients were rolling out their ERP systems in China and found that their new networks were impeding operations–an unexpected and undesirable problem. A quick examination identified their VPN over Internet as the root cause of the unacceptable performance they were experiencing.Steve Garson SD-WAN Expert

We helped them install a high quality MPLS network to eliminate the packet loss and reduce the latency that is found on the internet. This led to my quickly realizing that many other US companies were having the same problem; or they were using less manageable frame relay or point-to-point circuits. Thus, was born this specialized practice in consulting to companies on the procurement and roll-out of Wide Area Networks. We now serve companies worldwide with global facilities, large retail chains, as well as small domestic companies. We’ve even designed government emergency communication networks for an entire state!

Relationships Worldwide

Soon I headed to China to learn first hand what our clients were experiencing. It quickly became apparent that they needed high service quality 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They needed technical support in their native language, not just English. That meant that we needed to establish relationships with carriers across the globe who could commit to this kind of support–and the ability to converse with all of our clients’ personnel in their native languages. Before long, we became known for our responsiveness to customer requirements–and more important, our ability to address client needs faster than anyone in the industry.

Fast forward to late 2015 and our practice made us keenly aware of the value of using SD-WAN as part of the global or domestic WAN infrastructure.  SD-WAN-Experts morphed to leverage our skills in MPLS networks, hosted and premise-based PBX, , project management, WAN acceleration, CDN and a whole host of related services.

Our experience and relationships helps us get the best prices for our clients…with far less effort!

Operations and Management Experience

As the founder and manager of SD-WAN-Experts, I bring a level of experience not typically found in the technical and procurement arena. My career started in the data collection and CAD/CAM business, when MRP (now ERP) was a new technology and mini-computers like the VAX were the latest technology. Always keeping my hand on the pulse of technology, I have worked as the Chief Operating Officer as well as President of companies. The result: I understand operational, technical and financial matters. I also understand the true cost of network problems. Regular meetings with the SD-WAN technology leaders, whether they are in San Jose, Boston, Zurich or Tel Aviv keeps me aware of  the changes in the marketplace and who the technology leaders are.  You’ll also see me as a regular at the WAN Summit and Paris SD-WAN Summit as well as on the pages of

Our staff of seasoned Cisco, Juniper and HP certified network engineers is available to trouble shoot your present network or assist in the configuration and management of your new network. We offer the answers that might be a challenge to obtain from your carriers.  We have direct relationships with all the best of breed software, hardware and managed solutions to satisfy the Network and Data Center requirements of even the largest companies.

If you are looking for personal service and results you can count on, I hope you’ll contact SD-WAN-Experts – and just ask for me, Steve Garson.  We’ll make sure the of engineers with the right skill set work with you.