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The Four Metrics For VoIP and Wide Area Networking

Quality of Service or QoS impacts the quality data traffic over a network. It also refers to the ability to prioritize certain types of traffic on an IP network. In the case of VoIP, this typically means prioritizing voice traffic at a higher level than other forms of...
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Security a Driver to Use SD-WAN

One of the more significant themes to come out of yesterday’s SD-WAN Virtual Summit  by Viptela was the importance of security. We touched on the security risks SD-WANs pose in our recent Network World blog where we explained the different approaches to implementing...

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Will networks and security converge in 2017?

The start of a new year is always a good time for bold predictions. And whereas some might have searched the stars to predict the presidential election and others may attempt to divine the winner of the Super Bowl (I’ll save you the trouble - the Patriots), we here at...

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SD-WAN Services – Are they for you?

  Our recent blog at Network World examined the SD-WAN marketplace, posing the question “Should you buy an SD-WAN service?” Like so many technologies, the decision isn’t as simple as “yes” or “no,” but one that’s dependent on your organizations particular needs...

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Service Chaining

Service chaining is getting a lot of attention recently. What does it matter? Let’s look at a very simple example,

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