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5 Steps to Testing SD-WANs

Companies looking to find the perfect SD-WAN solutions inevitably ask questions about testing. Since choosing an SD-WAN solution for your company is a big decision, it's important to choose the vendor whose strengths and nuances best fit your company's network...
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How SD-WANs Can Help Prevent User Misconfigurations

A few years ago, when I ran SD-WAN Experts' predecessor MPLS Experts, a customer approached me to help solve an MPLS issue. This customer had noticed packets with unknown IPs on its carrier-managed private network. As it turned out, one of the carrier techs had...

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LTE for SD-WAN or Failover

LTE is a rapidly growing technology, with bandwidth speeds that are rising every year.  Your results will depend on signal strength, but LTE modems are designed with POE to allow you to locate them wherever you need to, to obtain the best signal strength.  External...

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SD-WAN POC for Retail Network – Mind The Gap

When it comes to POCs, one of the more interesting presentations at the WAN Summit was given by Snehal Patel, network architect, at the Gap. The Gap, if you don’t know, has been sort of the poster child for Viptela’s SD-WAN. And while the needs of the Gap may not...

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WAN Summit: Random Thoughts and Insights

This past Monday was the opening day for the WAN Summit where 300 or so folk gathered to plumb the future of the WAN. Yours truly was there and hosted a great session (If I say so myself) about Experiences with Adopting SD-WAN and Integrating the Internet into the...

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How SD-WAN Facilitates WAN Security

As a follow-up to the RSA San Francisco security show, it's important to think about SD-WANs and security. In a previous post, we spoke about security and the future of networking, with an emphasis on various vendors' approaches to securing SD-WAN internet...

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Has the term SD-WAN lost meaning, as the Cloud has?

In a previous article, I mentioned my opinion that just as the "cloud" has become a vague catch-all term for any sort of easily accessible internet service, so too has the hybrid wan. In that article, I suggested substituting the term "SD-WAN," since using both terms...

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Service Insertion—Why It’s So Important

Enterprises often need to spin up new network services, but doing so can be difficult. While SD-WAN in general makes this task easier, the real magic happens when you use service insertion and service chaining. What Are Service Insertion and Chaining? Service...

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Hybrid WANs vs SD-WANs

People often use the terms "hybrid WAN" and "SD-WAN" interchangeably - and that's a mistake. Hybrid WANs deal with the underlay; SD-WANs deal with the overlay. And the two aren't mutually exclusive, either: You can build an SD-WAN that's also a hybrid WAN, and you can...

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Security a Driver to Use SD-WAN

One of the more significant themes to come out of yesterday’s SD-WAN Virtual Summit  by Viptela was the importance of security. We touched on the security risks SD-WANs pose in our recent Network World blog where we explained the different approaches to implementing...

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Will networks and security converge in 2017?

The start of a new year is always a good time for bold predictions. And whereas some might have searched the stars to predict the presidential election and others may attempt to divine the winner of the Super Bowl (I’ll save you the trouble - the Patriots), we here at...

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SD-WAN vs. MPLS Pricing: The Real Story

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