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We are the Experts in SD-WAN design, sourcing, and implementation.

SD-WAN-Experts, a division of Network Solution Experts, is a telecom and WAN consulting firm. For more than a decade, we have worked with carriers, WAN and SD-WAN technology players worldwide. We speak the language of technology,  but understand the world of business.

SD-WAN-Experts helps you identify your particular needs. Then, we advocate for you to ensure that your company gets the best solution at the lowest cost from your vendor or service provider. With best of breed relationships and experience thoroughly vetting networking technology solutions, we can save you immeasurable amounts of time, energy and money. By using SD-WAN-Experts you are working with Experts in building wide area networks.

Steve Garson, our CEO, takes a lead role in every engagement, coordinating client, staff, SD-WAN and carrier engineers, personally managing price and contract negotiations with service providers. Our project managers manage the entire process from start to finish. Whether you need service domestically, or in Asia, Europe, North or South America, SD-WAN Experts can provide the best solutions and manage the implementation for you.

  • SD WAN 96% 96%
  • Hybrid WAN 89% 89%
  • Evaluation and Assessment 76% 76%
  • POC Management and Deployment 92% 92%
Steve Garson

Steve Garson

Founder & CEO

Meet Steve Garson

In 2007, I started SD-WAN-Experts (at that point called MPLS-Experts) to help US companies communicate with their Chinese and Indian manufacturing facilities.  Two of my clients were rolling out their ERP systems in China and found that their new networks were impeding operations–an unexpected and undesirable problem. We helped them install a high quality MPLS network to eliminate the packet loss and reduce the latency that is found on the internet.

Much has changed since then. Frame Relay is no longer and MPLS has given way to SD-WAN, but we still remain the leading specialists in the procurement and roll-out of Wide Area Networks. We now serve companies worldwide with global facilities, large retail chains, as well as small domestic companies.

As Chief SD-WAN consultant, I lead every engagement.  With experience as a COO of varied companies, I have the ability to appreciate the financial implications the WAN.  As the writer of the popular NetworkWorld column “Ask the WAN Expert”, I’ve developed the reputation as the “go-to” expert on designing and evaluating SD-WAN networks. 

Our staff of seasoned and certified network engineers are available to troubleshoot your present network or assist in the configuration and management of your new network. We offer the answers that might be a challenge to obtain from your carriers or vendors. We have direct relationships with all the best of breed software, hardware and managed solutions to satisfy the network and data center requirements of even the largest companies. Plus we have unmatched insights into all of the SD-WAN technology providers. If you are looking for personal service and results you can count on,  give me a call and put the Experts to work for you.

Nirvik Nandy

Nirvik Nandy


Meet Nirvik Nandy

Nirvik is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at SD-WAN Experts and the president and CEO of Red Lantern. He brings 23 years of cyber security experience in serving large global organizations and Fortune 500 clients. Prior to founding Red Lantern, Nirvik was Executive Director for Cyber Security and Risk Transformation at Ernst & Young. He has led cyber security and information technology transformation projects across a variety of industries, including Financial Services, Diversified Industrial Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment and Healthcare, and has served as Acting CISO and CIO for Fortune 100 companies .

He has multiple years of experience with leading information technology programs including systems implementation, network and system infrastructure, data protection, enterprise data and application architecture, data center operations, disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

Keith Mangene

Keith Mangene

Senior Engineer

Meet Keith Mangene

Keith has 20 years of experience that includes managing a 500+ site MPLS network with Cisco WAAS, WLC, routers and switches. He has worked as a Senior Consultant for British Telecom International Network Services and IBM Global Services. Keith is a master problem solver and architect with a deep Cisco knowledge.

Raj Lincoln

Raj Lincoln

Project Manager, Consultant

Meet Raj Lincoln

Raj Lincoln has over fifteen years of experience in designing and optimizing transport network infrastructure for most demanding customers in the financial industry. He understands network requirements whether it is for low-latency high-frequency trading or for disaster recovery purposes.  His specialty is understanding global backbone networks (fiber routes, wavelength services, MPLS networks) of various telecom service providers and leveraging their strengths to create the best WAN solutions for clients.

Oliver Hinderegger

Oliver Hinderegger

Project Manager, Europe

Meet Oliver Hinderegger

Oliver has 22 years of experience in IT. At Leica Geosystems in Heerbrugg, Switzerland, he was responsible for Worldwide IT Infrastructure and head of server management and collaborative solutions. His present focus is on SD-WAN, migration to the cloud and IT process improvement. Oliver is based on Wolfurt, Austria.

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