Network Availability With Multiple WAN Circuits

Network availability and resilience are important values of SD-WANs.  By using multiple low cost internet circuits, with the addition of LTE, you can reach a network availability that theoretically will never fail, rather cost effectively.  While your particular requirements might still require a primary MPLS path,  the same mathematics applies. Your various WAN circuits will be operating in parallel, […]

An SD-WAN and MPLS Pricing Scenario

It’s pretty much axiomatic among SD-WAN providers that organizations can save money by switching to SD-WANs. The low-cost of Internet services relative to MPLS services allows companies to reduce their monthly spend on bandwidth “by as much as 90%” as some SD-WAN providers claim.  Here at SD-WAN Experts, we’re not tied to any one technology, recommending SD-WANs or MPLS […]