UK Finance Company switches to MPLS global VPN network

SASE Secure Access Service Edge

Not too long ago, a communications solutions provider has revealed that it has migrated a UK finance company onto a Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) IP-VPN across its Wide Area Network (WAN).

The Funding Corporation, a finance and loan provider, has given the order to migrate its existing voice and Internet services to a MPLS network as a result of company expansion and higher network requirements. The upgrade is expected to reduce The Funding Corporation’s network costs and to improve the network’s uptime, enhance its performance and resilience.

Firewalled Internet access for branches is said to be routed through the MPLS to The Funding Corporation’s headquarters to enable traffic to be prioritized for business critical applications. The MPLS network will also support critical voice services by delivering public and internal calls to in-house departments and contact centers.

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