Fast Networks with WAN Acceleration

Some companies choose not to make any carrier changes to their network simply because of inertia.  They have limited resources and can’t even imagine how they could handle a network migration.

Outsourcing the MPLS implementation process is a sensible thing to consider.  It doesn’t cost a great deal of money and it makes the process very simple.  Remember: the new MPLS network can have the same IP numbering and routing scheme, so cut-over of networks does not need to be overwhelming.

This is the process that would be involved:

1. Telephone meeting to discuss your present network and any changes that will be effective on the new network, such as Class of Services to be applied to different applications on your network.  We can advise you on the Class of Service planning.  The action items will be the following:
A. Visio diagram of your network
B. Clear IP numbering scheme and routing rules for your network
C. Contact person at each facility.
D. Information to complete the CoS templates for the new network.

2. Package and ship routers to our facility for configuration.
A. Upload latest IOS
B. Add base configuration to allow plug-and-play with the ability to access the router for troubleshooting as needed via a VPN to your network.

3. Arrange date and time window to install routers at each location, with your staff and our technicians, should you prefer.

4. Arrange VPN access to your network to permit SD-WAN-Experts access to the routers when they are installed

5. SD-WAN-Experts then ships routers to each location.  We will include a graphic document to make it very clear on how to connect the router and verify activity lights.  We can also arrange an on-site technician to perform this function, if you desire.

6. At the agreed upon time, the routers will be connected to network and the circuits turned on.  This process is performed with a carrier technician on a conference call.  If everything runs smoothly, the process will take no more than thirty minutes for each location, for a total of three hours to bring up an entire network of six sites.

7. Once the network is live, we then will test to confirm that all the routing works correctly, but this typically is flawless as long as the proper preparation takes place at step

The engineers at SD-WAN-Experts have implemented network migrations of this nature with locations all over the world.   Your six site migration will be very straight-forward.  From a pricing perspective, the time budgeted by SD-WAN-Experts is reasonable.   All the engineers are CCIE certified.  Our project managers have an attention to detail that only a company like SD-WAN-Experts can offer.