Satisfaction with Global Wholesale Carriers Up as Price Becomes Major Differentiator

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ATLANTIC-ACM, a leading telecommunications research consultancy and benchmarking firm, announced today the general availability of its 2008 Global Wholesale Carrier Report Card, the fifth edition of the international wholesale communications industry’s chief benchmarking study.

“Overall satisfaction with carriers has increased,” said Fedor Smith, ATLANTIC-ACM Vice President. “As the gaps in key service and operational areas have narrowed, price has become increasingly important in buying decisions.”

Is a wholesale carrier for you?  Buying wholesale can reduce your costs signficantly.  Depending on your billing volume, you can find that you will receive BETTER service from a wholesale carrier. This is because your service is aggregated with many other customers of the wholesaler, which is ultimately a very large customer of the underlying carrier. 

For instance, let’s say you will bill $20,000/month on your network.  In the whole scheme of things, you are not a big customer in the eyes of AT&T or Verizon.  But if you buy from a wholesaler who bills $2,000,000/month (at wholesale prices) with either carrier, then they have some power to get top quality service.  So if you have a network issue, you file a trouble ticket with the wholesaler whose system it tied into the carrier.  Being such a big customer, your ticket gets a higher priority from a dedicated team.

As your billing volume rises, then the benefits go down, unless you reach a point where your volume is so high that you can be your own wholesaler.  But that carries its own headaches.

Working with SD-WAN-Experts can help you learn about all your options.  Because we are carrier-neutral, our procurement experts will price out and explain all your options.  We will also help to assure that you obtain the right network configuration for your requirements.

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