Video Conferencing – how to dial from MPLS network to Internet?

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If you use video conferencing, an MPLS network with improve the quality of your performance enormously.  If you use Telepresence, then MPLS or VPLS is a requirement, when you consider what you spent on the hardware.  Since an MPLS network has Quality of Service, you will eliminate freeze frame, blur and disconnects that running video over the internet can experience.

But if you have a private wide area network, how will you dial other video conference systems that use the internet, not your private network.  There are a few solutions to this dilemma. 

First, some MPLS VPN carriers will provide firewalled internet gateways to your network.  These can be configured to allow only the ports needed for your video conference calls.  An alternative is the use of a carrier provided video conference bridging service that will then dial the desired devices on the internet.  Masergy has made a name for itself in  this market space, but there are many carriers that can do the same.

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