When should you consider multiple carriers for your MPLS network?

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In July, I wrote about the fact that no single carrier is the best at providing a global MPLS solution. SD-WAN-Experts has been working with a global company in creating a network spanning thirty countries around the world. During this process, we have found dramatic savings by providing the option to use two carriers instead of one single carrier. You see, the “single carrier solution” is really often provided by the single carrier subtracting to a variety of regional carriers. What does this convenience cost? Let’s give you some examples for 512K ports with E1 loops for managed services with Cisco 1841 router:

Middelburg, Mpumalanga, South Africa: $4800/month less

Beresfield, Australia: $1610/month less

Mackay, Queensland, Australia: $2200/month less

You can see that by simply having these three locations with a regional carrier, the client will save $8610/month on their network, less the extra $1500 they will pay to connect this network to their other network. Does saving $80,000 mean anything to a company this size? Of course it does. Would the AT&T or Verizon sales rep ever suggest this solution? Never! The client will receive better service because they will eliminate a layer of service in reaching the real carrier, should a problem arise. And the client will save money at the same time. This is one of the many benefits of using SD-WAN-Experts to develop and advise your company on your MPLS network. The service is free and you will learn about all the options available with no bias toward any single carrier. If you want a single carrier solution, we will provide it. But you should always know your options.

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