High Performance Broadband in Minutes??

I don’t know about you, but I have experienced the MPLS carrier installation that never happens.  An entire network implemented, but one or two locations that take four, six, eight months.  So frustrating!

Today in most places you have two quick installation options: broadband internet and LTE or 3G over the air.  These technologies can get you operational very quickly, whether as a short-term solution or permanent one.  If the cellular signal strength is not high enough, in most cases, a simple external antenna pointed at the carrier tower will make a dramatic difference in the bandwidth available.  LTE and 3G bandwidth  are usually directly related to the signal strength.  This is a typical LTE Yagi antenna that can be purchased for US$75.

As for broadband over cable or fiber, if it is available in your area, you cannot beat the price and quality.