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Use our WAN RFP template to  reduce the months of work to start from scratch. Save time and make better purchasing decisions with the WAN Jumpstart Kit, a $500 value available for a limited time, free of charge.

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Comprehensive. If you’re thinking about purchasing WAN equipment, get this document.

Norm Jacknis

Senior Fellow, Intelligent Community Forum; former CIO of Westchester County


Get help customizing the RFP to meet your needs. An initial WAN assessment by SD-WAN-Experts is included in the WAN Jumpstart at no additional cost.
Or, learn more about how SD-WAN-Experts can manage your entire RFP process.

SD-WAN-Experts assists companies to select the proper network technologies for their data communications needs and then obtains the best pricing of the solution. Steve Garson, the CEO, takes a lead role in every engagement, coordinating client, staff and engineers and personally managing design, price and contract negotiations with carriers and service providers. Their project managers manage the entire process from start to finish. Whether you need service domestically, or in Asia, Europe, North or South America, SD-WAN-Experts can provide the best solutions and manage the implementation for you, whether this includes MPLS, SD-WAN or hybrid networks.

Steve Garson

CEO, SD-WAN-Experts

For more than 15 years, Dave has been an award-winning journalist and analyst picking and prodding at networking technologies and services of all sorts. His work has appeared in InformationWeek, Network World, Network Computing, Network World PC Magazine, TechTarget, Red Herring, and other leading enterprise publications. Most recently Dave served as the product marketing manager and technical evangelist for Silver Peak Systems focusing on SD-WAN and hybrid WAN architectures. Outside of work (if there is an outside) Dave sits just outside of “Silicon Alley” Israel, the dot on the globe with more startups per capita than any other country in the world. He’s a father of three and husband to one. When not delving into technology, he enjoys hiking and exploring this fascinating part of the globe.

Dave Greenfield



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