Cisco SASE and Cisco SD-WAN

This blog is shared courtesy of an article I wrote for Cisco is, arguably, the most familiar name in networking. As a result, most enterprises likely have Cisco Secure Access Service Edge on their shortlist of SASE options. While Cisco’s SASE looks great in a presentation, network teams need to dig deeper to see […]

Cato Networks Hits $2.5B and Breaks Speed Barrier

On reading about Cato Networks announcing its $2.5B valuation, I couldn’t help but think back to a recent performance test we ran on the Cato backbone. I think it encapsulates why investors and enterprises have such high hopes for this company. A manufacturer came to us looking to move away from its MPLS service. Their […]

Palo Alto SASE Platform: Plenty of Security, But What About Networking?

When buying a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution, comparing features is the easiest part of a SASE acquisition process. A well-designed table and a bit of vendor honesty (or, more likely, head smashing on your part) will get you the capabilites provided by various SASE vendors. No, the bigger challenge in selecting a SASE […]

Cisco’s SASE Vision – Is it the best approach for enterprises?

If there was ever a question about enterprise networking and security moving to the cloud that was answered last month at the Cisco Live conference. Here you had Cisco the preeminent proponent of appliance-based architectures, talking about how the future of IT infrastructure lies in the cloud.  Through slick slides, Cisco laid out a compelling […]

SASE and Last Mile Redundancy: Is 5G the Answer?

5G SASE Resilience

Increasingly, I’m being asked about 5G and SASE. How are the two related? Which SASE vendors support 5G?  So let’s address it here.  Last Mile: Where the Action Isn’t  The last-mile has always been the Achilles heel of enterprise networking. In the core, we’ve had an abundance of bandwidth. The many paths comprising the core […]

From SD-WAN to ZTNA to SASE: Don’t Lose Sight of What Matters


It wasn’t that long ago that SD-WAN was the next great frontier. It was the technology to displace MPLS and to give enterprise networking teams what they wanted for years – freedom from the tyranny of carriers with their overpriced capacity, long deployment times, and dysfunctional support.  In short, it seemed like SD-WAN was the […]

Ten SASE Trends To Look For In 2021


Another year, another era. 2020 was a year like none other for IT. The biggest exercise in remote working ever seen in the COVID-19 response. The worst hack in the SolarWinds attack. And, yes, the evolution of a new network architecture called SASE. What does 2021 have in store for the SASE market? Based on […]

The Pleasure and Pain of Best of Breed Networks

Ever since the early days of networking, we’ve extolled the benefits of best-of-breed networks. We’ve been able to select products with the most features, expanded our purchasing options, and seen prices plunge. But like anything, there are also downsides to building networks from a mix of products and services, downsides that became particularly relevant as […]

Resilience a Must in Evaluating SASE Deployment

SASE Resilience

We’ve spoken a lot about the capabilities of SASE like Zero Trust and security in general, but features mean little if there’s a SASE outage. Today, all SASE vendors provide high availability (HA) SD-WAN device configurations, but, of course, SASE networks involve more than just SD-WAN devices. They involve a full range of security services, […]

Alternative Private Backbones for SASE and SD-WAN

private backbones for SD-WAN

Part of the premise behind secure access service edge (SASE) and global SD-WAN services is to replace the MPLS services that long anchored enterprise networks. But to do that, they first need ways to overcome the unpredictable and high latencies of the global Internet. Enter global private backbones. Whether they’re independent backbones, like Azure Virtual […]